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A Beautiful Day With Whales!

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July 5-11, 2016

On the afternoon of the 5th day of our Galapagos expedition, we set sail across Bolivar Channel. Around 5 pm a panga was exploring the coast with 12 of our guests when from afar two spouts of whale where able to be spotted. At the same time a flock of shearwater started descending from above and landed on the same area together with the whales. Our panga driver, Galo, took the panga directly to that place with the direction of our Captain who gave the exact position of the spouts from the bridge of the vessel.

In about 10 minutes we stopped the panga waiting from them to appear again. Then from the portside of the panga one of the whales, only 30 feet away, blew a huge amount of water in front of us, and went down, disappearing from 2 minutes before coming back up, but this time we were not only able to see the spout, but also the back and its fluke! It was a Minke whale and was feeding from the plankton scattered in the channel. The month of July marks the beginning of the whale season, when they are expected to come to this side of the archipelago.

Whales in Galapagos

The westbound of the islands hold a different diversity of species due the upwelling which is produced as surfing up food resources from the bottom of the ocean. We shared with our guests this special moment, and it was enough time for the other groups to arrive and enjoy this experience. In the afternoon, at around 6 pm the sun stared to get down giving the sky tones of red like fire emerging from the sea, pink and purple these colours paint the sky like a water colour paint from Monet, just a beautiful end to a great day in the western part of the archipelago … Isabela Island one of the most far out islands in Galapagos.”