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From the Andean Mountains and Rainforest to the Galapagos Islands: Luxury On Land and at Sea

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When it comes to three highly different but equally thrilling experiences of a new culture and place, is it ever too much to ask to have all three? Imagine breathing in the pure, cool air of the windswept peaks of the Andes as your feet pat and polish cobblestone that have rested on the ground throughout centuries and then whizzing through the Mashpi rainforest like a modern-day Tarzan surrounded by beautiful fauna. Then picture all these historic and biological encounters with culture and place serving as the perfect prelude to the Enchanted Isles, where sandals are the norm and species step right up to your sandy toes to peer up at you in wonder and without a hint of fear. Our Luxury On Land and Sea program provides the perfect series of segues from one distinct world to the next, with top-of-the-line comfort at the forefront of each and every experience along the way. Because for us, asking for too much in a country as special as this is actually never enough.

Stroll in the Company of History and Culture

quito plaza san francisco

Quito, the capital city of Ecuador, serves as the perfect welcome to the country. This UNESCO World Heritage Site (the first one in the whole world) delights and amazes with its streets, structures and elongated alley-ways that come replete with history and culture. Churches will dazzle with their intricately designed architecture and interiors, as guides regale you with legends and stories surrounding each place. To wrap things up, head back to the luxurious hotel that provides the ideal place to sit back, relax, reflect and recharge after your first day in the country.

Swing Into the Arms of Mother Nature

mashpi ecuador luxury tour

The road to the rainforest is paved with mountainous treasures. During our comfortable journey from Quito to the Mashpi rainforest, you’ll manage to really get a sense and appreciation for the geography that makes Ecuador so special. Andean peaks surround us as we descend into the lungs of the earth. The lush and misty cloudforest then emerges to offer a plethora of fun activities and close-encounters with the local and wild residents of the jungle – from the mystical glass frog to the gorgeous cock of the rock. All of this while staying at and using one of the most luxurious, modern and unique lodges of the world as your home base.

Sail Into the Mesmerizing Enchantment of the Galapagos

galapagos luxury tour

Following the perfect preamble to this next chapter, you’ll fly from the highlands all the way to the archipelago within a few hours, eventually entering into the charming world and welcoming service that’s found aboard our beloved Yacht Isabela II in the Galapagos. From here on out, your days will be filled with exploration, wonder, surprises, beauty and luxurious comfort and meals. Our experienced guides will enhance your experience of the islands by providing you with in-depth information and on board lectures about the wildlife and history surrounding the world-renowned archipelago. Amenities on Yacht Isabela II will allow you to cool off after a days’ exploration, inviting you to soak in the gorgeous vistas and sunsets in absolute comfort. In the end, we only hope that it’s happy memories and extraordinary experiences that you cultivate here.

After all is said and done, what more could you ask for from a country as diverse and beautiful as Ecuador? Perhaps just a smooth ride through it all, no? And that’s exactly where we come in with our Luxury On Land and Sea program, which includes all of the aforementioned places and high-end services. Book your Ecuador luxury tour package today, and experience this remarkable place and the culture it is home to with the exact level of luxurious comfort you’d expect on a journey as special as this one.