The Scenic Sights and Beautiful Beaches of Floreana

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With a handful of spectacular and gorgeous visitor sites, Floreana Island is definitely worth visiting not only thanks to its remarkable human history but also for its natural beauty and the living treasures it harbours. In this blog we take a look at the beautiful beaches of Floreana and visitor sites.

Champion Islet

More ocean than beach, Champion Islet is actually a snorkelers delight when it comes to the vast array of wildlife that swarms about below. Schools of angel and parrot fish swim throughout the azure blue waters as waves crash against the coastline and spray a confetti of white bubbles up into the air and downwards into the ocean. Rising out of this gentle maelstrom of aquatic cotton are sea lions, emerging like the groovy specimens they are from a wall of bubbles. They playfully swim up to you and then dart away, as if they were wary of their own curiosity.  It’s actually an entire sea lion colony here that is present here, and it’s synonymous with the word playful. These will never hesitate to surround your presence in numbers and circle around you like a friendly gang of spectators.

champion islet

Glass-bottom boat at champion islet

Cormorant Point

With rolling, volcanic and semi-grassy mounds that resemble The Shire from Lord of the Rings, Cormorant Point is a beautiful coastline that beckons visitors to step foot onto its peculiarly-coloured shores. Why the odd colours? The first shore consists of green olivine crystals (resulting from volcanic activity) that dominate the sandy coast, giving it a distinct dark-green colour. The beach on the other end of the isthmus consists of a beautiful, white and powdery sand that is actually the result of the erosion of coral skeletons. An ironic side note about this island though: there are not cormorants at Cormorant Point.

However, the white sand beach on the other side is a nesting site for green sea turtles (and sometimes the ominous frigatebirds that patiently glide over the beach as they scan the sand, hoping to gobble up sea turtle hatchlings). The dark green shores of the first beach is home to occasional blue-footed boobies. But the highlight of Cormorant Point lies sandwiched right in between both beaches – the pink flamingo lagoon of wonders. Here you’ll the find American flamingos wading in the shallow yet wonderfully nutritious waters for their kind. If you’re lucky, you might even manage to see one of them make a winged-dash across the large body of water as their bright pink reflection travels parallel to them.

Post Office Bay

With lava rock flanking both sides of the relatively large coastline, Post Office Bay is a tranquil and relaxing beach that is known principally for its history as a “communal” international post office. Nevertheless, the welcome mat for said post office is a pleasant and beige-coloured sandy beach. Snorkelling along the flanks of volcanic rock make for a pretty nice excursion, especially with occasional sea lions coming to frolic around as well as baby sharks that linger about the rocks, too.

post office bay galapagos

Calm waters at Post Office Bay

All of these are definitely worth checking out, and here aboard Yacht Isabela II you can soak up each and every spot with excellent amenities, knowledgeable guides and in spectacular comfort. Check out Floreana beaches on our Southern Islands itinerary that runs from Friday to Tuesday.