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Chris Robinson Travel Show

User Avatar Written by: Francisco Dousdebes
Chris Robinson Travel Show

The Galapagos Islands – a life changing destination!

It is with great excitement that Yacht Isabela II wants to share with you a Canadian initiative we have developed with our Marketing & PR Team here at Metropolitan Touring. I’m sure you are familiar with Francisco “Pancho” Dousdebes, Galapagos Product Manager who formerly visited various Canadian media platforms while he was in charge of the Canadian market. We have hooked up with Chris Robinson, Radio Personality in Canada, and head of the Chris Robinson Travel Show for promoting the Galapagos Islands and addressing the various angles as to what makes the islands unique and how to organize a trip there. The Galapagos program will broadcast this upcoming Saturday, December 23rd at 11h00 (YYZ Time). The show can be tracked online right off the show’s direct web site, or by listening to Zoomer Radio 740AM-96.7FM and also on CJAD 8:00AM. Podcasts on demand can be also listened after the show’s airing happens.

Chris Robinson Travel Show recording at the Galapagos islands

Recording session on Genovesa (Tower) Island – Nov 22, 2017

Click here to access the web page for the radio show.

And for the most in-depth understanding of how to travel to this destination, Chris Robinson’s Travel Notes is a great source of savvy assistance.

Feel free to share these links with all your contacts and potential travelers to Galapagos. I’m sure they’ll find plenty of colorful insights to make their travel decision an easy one. We hope you enjoy this additional marketing push in Canada, and hopefully new sales leads will soon be heading your way.  We trust you’ll recommend our Galapagos tours as rewarding travel options. Thank you very much in advance, and I hope you take advantage of this initiative.

We invite you to hear a very informative and engaging radio program.