Galapagos Activities | 4 MIN READ

What kind of activities does Yacht Isabela II offer?

When traveling, how we experience a destination can vary greatly depending on how we decide...
User Avatar Written by: Nathalie Moeller
What kind of activities does Yacht Isabela II offer?


Sierra Negra volcanic eruption in Galapagos islands, 2018
Galapagos News | 4 MIN READ

Volcanic Eruptions Galore! Fernandina Island concludes, Isabela Island is just getting started!

Hot on the heels of our blog post from the other week regarding insular volcanoes,...
Galapagos islands volcano eruption
Galapagos History | 3 MIN READ

Galapagos Insular Volcanoes: Not Your Usual Volcanoes

Volcanic activity is what explains the origin of the Galapagos Islands In recent years, our...
Galapagos islands flamingos
Galapagos Wildlife | 3 MIN READ

Flamingo Courtship Season in Galapagos: Sharing is Caring

It’s that time of the year when American flamingos in Galapagos tend to start looking...