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The Most Iconic Animals of Galapagos Big15

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Over the past few days our expedition has witnessed how the islands in their splendour have generously shown us their fauna. Clear skies for almost three consecutive nights, peaceful coastlines, and sunny days. One of the ways to mark the progress of our trip is checking off our list of the most iconic animals of the archipelago: With the winds in our favour, we managed to see 13 of the most iconic animals of Galapagos Big15.

We didn’t lose any time and started on the first day of our expedition. We started with the noisy red-footed boobies, then moved on to the frigatebirds with their special courtship rituals, and enjoyed the playful sea lions and the Galapagos fur seals, rightfully recognized as cold-water species, which are found right here in the Galapagos Islands.

Playful sea lions in Galapagos

As we look closer we count off more species, like the incomparable marine iguana, who feed in the icy waters of Fernandina. And of course, the sea turtles that we found at Punta Vicente Roca were a spectacle that never gets old, no matter how many we find. We watched the penguins and cormorants playing around with fish before eating them. We keep adding animals to our Big15 list! The blue-footed boobies give an impressive dive head first into the ocean, and not very far away we see Nazca boobies sharing the same sky. Below the Isabella volcanoes we find the mysterious giant tortoises that have been the source of so many legends.  Alongside them there are colourful land iguanas confronting each other for their territory and trying to win the attention of the female iguanas.

We almost complete our list when we see the most colourful birds, the flamingos in their elongated and elegant flight. This week we have not been short of good company and peace among both guests and animals. Sharing walks, snorkelling in crystalline waters, and observing an abundant variety of marine fauna. Nevertheless, the most exciting moment of all was seeing two penguins swimming at Rabida Island! It was truly an adventure that none of us can stop talking about.

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