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Central Itinerary Testimonial: The Balance of Life

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We started out our expedition with the majestic giant tortoises of the Galapagos. Little by little we went deeper into the natural life of the islands. Mornings, afternoons, and even nights, we were surrounded by surprises. On our second day, we saw 14 Galapagos hawks, very close to us, attacking a small sea lion. It was beautiful to see how nature can be so fragile in a unique ecosystem like ours and at the same time be so strong as to be able to see the balance of life between sea lions and hawks.hawk isabela central

The day ended with one of the most beautiful skies that the islands have seen, covered only with stars, clouds, and galaxies. In 88 percent of the world, there is too much pollution to see the stars. We had the luck to be able to enjoy one of the few places in the world that has not been affected by the pollution. We admired it all here together during this expedition, on the Central Islands Itinerary. We also went underwater in one of the most magical places for marine life. We swam with sea turtles, fish of many colours, corals, sharks, rays. We visited a dream-like island, where we were surrounded by mating birds and colourful dancing boobies, showing their blue feet and gently flapping their wings. We witnessed the memorable frigate birds with their red chest feathers and the matchless song of their mating call. We finally ended up on an island that seemed to be from another world. It was full of lava, volcanic material, and enchantment. It is made up of a unique landscapes, a landscape that comes in through the eyes and leaves an impression on the soul. It is lovely to be able to share these wonders with the Isabela II family.