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Galapagos islands: World Heritage site
Galapagos Tips & Information | 4 MIN READ

¿Por qué las Galápagos son consideradas un Patrimonio Natural de la Humanidad de la UNESCO?

The Galapagos Islands are UNESCO World Heritage Site due to the fact that they serve...
Galapagos islands activities
Actividades en Galápagos | 4 MIN READ

What kind of activities does Yacht Isabela II offer?

When traveling, how we experience a destination can vary greatly depending on how we decide...
Charles Darwin in Galapagos 2018
Galapagos History | 4 MIN READ

In the Galapagos Islands, the HMS Beagle ship

Special experiences and insightful insights   With Charles Darwin on board, this journey was unlike any...
sierra negra volcanic eruption update (July 2018)
Galapagos News | 2 MIN READ

Volcanic Eruption Update (July 6, 2018): Sierra Negra Volcano, Isabela Island

Our last eruption report that we published the previous week mentioned that Sierra Negra Volcano showed...
Sierra Negra volcanic eruption in Galapagos islands, 2018
Galapagos News | 4 MIN READ

Volcanic Eruptions Galore! Fernandina Island concludes, Isabela Island is just getting started!

Hot on the heels of our blog post from the other week regarding insular volcanoes,...
Galapagos islands volcano eruption
Galapagos History | 3 MIN READ

Galapagos Insular Volcanoes: Not Your Usual Volcanoes

Volcanic activity is what explains the origin of the Galapagos Islands In recent years, our...
Galapagos flamingos in Floreana Island
Vida salvaje en Galápagos | 3 MIN READ

Sharing is Caring During the Galapagos Flamingo Courtship Season

In the Galapagos, American flamingos typically begin courting around this time of year. Conditions are...
Cerro Brujo, Galapagos islands
Galapagos History | 4 MIN READ

The Galapagos Islands were eventually reached by Charles Darwin, who sets foot there

Charles Darwin visited the Galapagos Islands at what time? On September 15, 1835, Darwin and...
Tortoise swimming at Punta Vicente Roca
Vida salvaje en Galápagos | 4 MIN READ

Let the Eggs Hatch! The Incredible Galapagos Green Sea Turtle: A Few Details

Swimmers and divers often find themselves accompanied by Galapagos green sea turtles. They exude calmness...
Can there be purple-footed boobies?
Vida salvaje en Galápagos | 4 MIN READ

¿Dónde puedo encontrar piqueros de patas moradas en Galápagos?

Red and blue footed booby = PURPLE footed booby, right?   A modern definition of...