Start your dream Galapagos vacation
aboard Yacht Isabela II.

Get in touch with our Galapagos Destination Experts!

Start your dream Galapagos vacation
aboard Yacht Isabela II.

Get in touch with our Galapagos Destination Experts!

Yacht Isabela II Galapagos Tours

Yacht Isabela II is a Galapagos cruise that offers the perfect, intimate space for you and your partner to enjoy the Galapagos Islands in comfort. With plenty of room available, traditionalists will enjoy feeling at home in the Galapagos with a crew that has remained almost unchanged for years, leading to seamless attention to detail that will make your stay in the islands extra special. Explore the Galapagos coast with your guides on our pangas, glass-bottom boat, paddleboards, and kayaks, or get wet and snorkel! You’ll get top facilities and equipment, delicious meals, and safe and stimulating, expertly-planned Galapagos expeditions throughout the archipelago.


The cabins aboard Yacht Isabela II Galapagos cruise are designed to provide occupants with the perfect space to unwind, rest, and recharge after an exciting day of Galapagos exploration. Comfortable and beautifully decorated layouts – both elegant and functional – will make your time in the Galapagos Islands all the more enjoyable.

Yacht Isabela's cabins: Master cabin


The rooms aboard Yacht Isabela II are anything but small. Each and every cabin offers guests plenty of room to stretch out, relax in, and appreciate their own generous nook of privacy and comfort.

Yacht Isabela features: cabin deck


There is nothing better than coming back to the comfort and splendor of a clean room after an excellent day of Galapagos exploration. That’s why our cabins are continuously kept spotless and tidy throughout the day.

Yacht Isabela cabins: Classic Cabin


You’ll have all the bare essentials taken care of the moment you set foot in Yacht Isabela II’s cabins. From high-end amenities to little treats, we’ve got you covered.


With three ample decks, Yacht Isabela II is the perfect option for those who seek to bask in the wonders of leisurely exploration in the Galapagos. Along every corridor, you’ll find all the space you need to make the most out of your time and Galapagos tour aboard our expedition vessel.

Yacht Isabela features: first class servicec


Spaces abound in the form of a library, a bar, observation decks, and a plush dining room. Finding a space to chitchat or swap stories about your adventures in the Galapagos won’t be an issue here.

Hot tub at Yacht Isabela


Yacht Isabela II’s crew will truly show you the meaning of “strength in numbers,” as each and every member comes together to deliver a caliber of service that is sure to exceed your expectations.

Restaurant at Yacht Isabela


The beauty of a Galapagos vessel this size shines when our guests realize that they have different communal spaces to relax in. The best part? They’ll often have said spaces all to themselves.

Why Travel With Us?

Yacht Isabela II in the Galapagos Islands is an excellent choice for modern explorers wishing to make the most out of their time in the archipelago. Wonder why? Take a look!

Exclusive Galapagos islands visits

Exclusive Island Visits

Guests will have the majority of Galapagos visitor sites to themselves, meaning no other boats will be present when Yacht Isabela II reaches its designated Galapagos island for guests to explore.

Tourists' groups in the Galapagos islands

Small Groups

Guests will be treated to more intimate Excursion Groups, as the average group size tends to be 11 guests per Naturalist Guide (way below the Galapagos Park-established maximum of 16 guests per guide).

Visit the most islands in the Galapagos

Great Coverage

Our Galapagos itineraries have been carefully designed to make the most of your time in the Enchanted Isles, perfectly balancing wildlife observation, stellar visitor sites, insightful tours, and adventurous activities.

Carbon Neutral

Carbon Neutral

Keeping the Galapagos Islands in their most pristine state is part of our commitment to the environment. Yacht Isabela II does its part to compensate the ship’s carbon emissions.

Activities & Wildlife

Each and every day throughout their tour of the Galapagos Islands, guests will get to appreciate the benefits of having multiple Naturalist Guides onboard when they see just how many excursion options they have available. Each option will allow guests to appreciate the Galapagos in the way that best suits their interests and desires.

Traveler Reviews

The opinions and thoughts of our beloved guests are a testament to the quality of the experiences we offer aboard Yacht Isabela II in the Galapagos! Have a look at what they’re saying about us and our Galapagos tours!

Isabella II is the perfect size ship for Galapagos. Bigger can't navigate in as close for snorkeling. We loved our guides, especially Socrates
Chevy Anz
Chevy A.
Fue maravilloso. Excelente entrega la del equipo humano que tienen trabajando. Unas islas inolvidables...para volver. Creo que ha sido una experiencia muy especial para mi hija y para mi. Gracias a todos, gracias Galápagos!
María José Trujillo Tiebas
María José Trujillo T.
Had a great time on Isabella II. Everyone was wonderful, the crew, the naturalist etc. Had a wonderful adventure hiking, snorkeling, and kayaking. The food was outstanding and the ship was very comfortable. It was amazing to get so close to the birds, sea lions ,iguanas etc.
Edrie Murphy
Edrie M.
Amazing experience! Staff is great, naturalists are wonderful. Went with Tauck. Lovely time.
Lisa Moore Daschofsky
Lisa Moore D.
We had an amazing trip on the Isabela ll and would highly recommend this trip
George Schaefer
George S.
Highly recommend this cruise! Far surpassed all expectations! The staff is amazing- from the top (captain!) to the chef and naturalists plus all in-between. Thank you!
Ana Marie Argilagos
Ana Marie A.
My visit to Galapagos was amazing, thank you so much!
Nikki Verhas
Nikki V.
Thank you for the amazing and unforgettable Week!��
Leona Eisele
Leona E.
Cathy was the best! She is not only knowledgeable and also a great photographer!
Stella Au
Stella A.
Five Stars Tour and beautiful photos. Excellent works and fine foods.
Ibsen Chen
Ibsen C.
Excellent tours in galapagos islands! Five days were not enough aboard the cruise
Hiroyoshi Tanaka
Hiroyoshi T.

Sustainable travel in Galapagos

We want to keep the Galapagos Islands as intact as possible. For this reason, we are implementing environmentally friendly tourism policy in the archipelago. Our Carbon Neutral policy aims to establish truly sustainable tourism practices in the islands.

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