Our Galapagos Yacht

Our Galapagos Yacht

About Yacht Isabela II in the Galapagos Islands

Yacht Isabela II offers the perfect, intimate space for exploring the Galapagos Islands in comfort. Measuring just a little over 183 feet (55 meters), this three-deck vessel has 20 cabins that sleep up to 40 guests, with several indoor and outdoor communal spaces that give guests the opportunity to revel in the mesmerizing views of the Galapagos Islands. The latest in sustainable technology also gives Yacht Isabela II the added advantage of protecting the delicate Galapagos ecosystem that it navigates around.

Yacht Isabela II Highlights

Galapagos tours


Having multiple guides onboard means that Yacht Isabela II’s guests will have the added privilege of seeing their Expedition Groups in Galapagos hover around 11 guests per guide, a ratio that falls below the Galapagos National Park maximum of 16 guests per guide.

Couple kayaking in serene Galapagos waters with Yacht Isabela II in the backdrop.


Yacht Isabela II has the privilege of having numerous visitor sites in the Galapagos Islands all to itself.

No other boats
will be in sight when we set foot on many of the islands in the Galapagos!

Yacht Isabela II privacy


Yacht Isabela II has a remarkable 26:1 guest-space ratio, thanks in large part to the number of decks and areas that allow guests to enjoy their Galapagos tour aboard without ever feeling cramped.

Yacht Isabela's food


Sumptuous servings of delicious meals abound here, all of them conceived by our Le Cordon Bleu-trained gastronomic director and made with organic, top-quality ingredients. All diets are welcome!

Marine iguanas resting on rocks


The latest in boat engine technology allows us to consume less fuel. Onboard water desalination and wastewater treatment plants guarantee that the delicate waters of Galapagos will remain as pristine as possible.

Yacht Isabela features: doctor on board


Yacht Isabela II has an onboard medical officer available 24/7 over at our well-equipped infirmary. This offers the perfect peace of mind in the Galapagos, should any medical issue arise! We’re here for you!

Tourists up close with blue-footed boobies at Punta Pitt, reflecting Galapagos wildlife encounters.
Nature's Dance Up Close
Snorkelers with sea lions in Gardner Bay, part of Yacht Isabela II’s Galapagos adventures.
Underwater Dance with Sea Lions
Snorkelers exploring the clear waters around Bartolome Island, Galapagos, with striking volcanic rock formations.
Underwater Adventure Awaits
Happy explorers at Punta Pitt, San Cristobal, enjoying a Yacht Isabela II excursion.
Exploring San Cristobal's Peaks
Tourist with sea lions on the pristine sands of Gardner Bay, Yacht Isabela II in the distance.
Seaside Companions
A magnificent frigatebird at Darwin Bay with Yacht Isabela explorers in the backdrop, Galapagos.
Galapagos Up-Close Marvel

Facilities & Amenities