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Yacht Isabela II Decks and Areas


Boat Deck

Boat Deck - Isabela Galapagos Cruise

Boat Deck Gallery

On the Boat Deck you will find our: sun deck, bar, jacuzzi and fitness area.

On the Cabin Deck, you will find 16 Classic Cabins, 2 Classic Family Cabins and 1 Standard Cabin, all arrayed around outer corridors. On the Main Deck, you will find the one-and-only Owner’s Cabin, conveniently located right beside the yacht’s social areas.

Cabin Deck


Cabin Deck - Yacht Isabela II

Main Deck

Main Deck - Isabela Galapagos Cruise

Main Deck Gallery

On the Main Deck, you will find our: Owner’s cabin, business centre, dining room, bar, and boutique.

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Decks and Cabins

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