Our Spaces & Accommodation Options

Our Spaces & Accommodation Options

Yacht Isabela II's Cabins & Decks

Yacht Isabela II is a spacious Galapagos yacht with a total of three decks. Its convenient layout allows guests to easily find their way around, too. The ship also has it all: a restaurant, social areas, a hot tub, a cardio gym, a bar and lounge, and even a library with a computer station.

20 spacious and spotless cabins (each with a private bathroom) offer room for up to 40 guests. A wide variety of cabin options is available. Guests can choose between the ship’s Classic, Classic Family, Standard, and Owner’s Cabins.

Elegant and intimate deck spaces

Yacht Isabela features: cabin deck


The Sun Deck offers guests numerous social areas to enjoy while admiring the Galapagos Islands’ gorgeous landscapes. These areas include: an al fresco lounge area, hot tub, and cardio gym.

Yacht Isabela features: restaurant on main deck


On the Cabin Deck, you will find 16 Classic Cabins, 2 Classic Family Cabins, and 1 Standard Cabin, with their entrances arranged along outer corridors with fantastic views of the Galapagos Islands.

Yacht Isabela features: sun deck


On the Main Deck, you will find the business center, dining room, bar, infirmary, and boutique gift shop. You will also find the one-and-only Owner’s Cabin, conveniently located right beside the aforementioned social areas.


Yacht Isabela cabin distribution

Classic, Classic Family, Standard, and Owner's Cabins

Accomodations Yacht Isabela


Yacht Isabela cabin distribution


Yacht Isabela cabin's distribution
Rooms at Yacht Isabela
Rooms at Yacht Isabela


Standard cabin at Yach Isabela distribution


Owner's cabin distribution
Rooms at Yacht Isabela


Yacht Isabela II twin beds
2 twin-size beds
Yacht Isabela II air conditioning
Air conditioning
Yacht Isabela II hair dryer
Hair dryer
Yacht Isabela II electrical outlets
Numerous electrical outlets
Yacht Isabela features: pa system
Public address system
Yacht Isabela's room safe
In-room safe
Yacht Isabela's reading lights
Reading lights
Wi-Fi available aboard Yacht Isabela II
Internet (available for an additional fee)