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What kind of activities does Yacht Isabela II offer?

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Galapagos islands activities

When traveling, how we experience a destination can vary greatly depending on how we decide to approach it. The Galapagos Islands are no different! How can we get the most of it? Where will I see more fauna: on land or sea? Will I be able to bring my more adventurous side? Will I have the chance to sit back and soak in the Galapagos’ splendor? What kind of activities are available aboard Yacht Isabela II that will allow me to get my money’s worth?

For many, it’s a life-long dream to explore the Galapagos Islands. That’s why choosing a Galapagos cruise that offers numerous possibilities in terms of how to interact with the Galapagos environment while getting the most out your trip is crucial. Be it through snorkeling, hiking or more leisurely activities such a glass-bottom boat ride or panga (dinghy) coastal explorations. There are many ways in which you discover and experience this magical place aboard your Galapagos cruise. Stick to your favorite activity or do them all! Aboard the Yacht Isabela II – one the Galapagos’ most experienced expedition vessels – you will be able to unravel the mysteries of the islands via many activities. Learn more about what activities we offer aboard our vessel in the Galapagos and experience the amazing archipelago your way!


The Galapagos’ volcanic origin has given its landscape a look that’s almost worthy of being in a sci-fi movie. Walk across dry lava, scalesia forests, craters, cliffs, brackish lagoons, and different-colored beaches. Add to that the fact that, across these otherworldly terrains, unique and curious-looking Galapagos animals inhabit this extremely isolated place. Flamingos, Galapagos giant tortoises, and marine iguanas are some of the animals you will encounter as you hike through these otherworldly landscapes!

Hiking in the Galapagos islands

There are several land activities guests can enjoy when visiting the Galapagos islands

TRAVELER’S TIP: Check out our list of GALAPAGOS BIG15 iconic species and make sure you see the archipelagos’ most representative species!


Float atop the Galapagos’ turquoise waters and let the waves move you as you swim in one of the many beaches you will visit through all of Isabela II’s itineraries. Urbina Bay, Post Office Bay, and Pinnacle Rock are great places to take a relaxing bath or go for an invigorating swim!

Want to immerse yourself in the aquatic world even more? Then put that mask on and discover the underwater universe of the Galapagos! You will be amazed by the amount of life that will greet you, from sea turtles, parrot fish, rays, white-tip sharks all the way to playful sea lions! You’ll find yourself accompanied my magnificent creatures as you make your way around. Often times, these creatures are so unafraid to humans that they will get close enough for you to get some epic photos! Just remember not to touch them!

what kind of activities are available in galapagos

Aquatic activities are also available in the Galapagos islands

TRAVELER’S TIP: Don’t worry about bringing snorkeling gear. We’ve got you covered aboard the Isabela II with masks, snorkels, snorkeling vests, and wetsuits!


If you’re not really into swimming but still want to explore the Galapagos sea, then hop aboard Isabela II’s glass-bottom boat. You’ll be able to peek into the ocean from the comfort of a dry seat with a spectacular vantage point. Learn about the aquatic species as your naturalist guide points them out and discover the underwater world in great company!

glass-bottom boat activity in galapagos

A glass-bottom boat is a great way to view Galapagos marine animals


If you like doing sports, kayaking is another way to discover the archipelago’s coastline. Put on sunscreen, a hat, and paddle away! Try to spot Galapagos penguins or flightless cormorants on the rocky shores, where they warm up under the equatorial sun!

kayaking activities in galapagos

Yacht Isabela offers kayaking as part of one of its sea-based activities

TRAVELER’S TIP: If you are on holidays with family or friends and you happen to have different tastes (but still want to enjoy different activities simultaneously), make sure you travel on a vessel with multiple guides. Keep in mind that all activities on the Galapagos must be supervised by a naturalist guide and that single-guided boats don’t have the capacity to oversee more than one activity at once.


If you’re interested in getting a fascinating 360° view of each visitor site, then panga (dinghy/skiff) rides are definitely worth embarking on. On this specific kind of activity in Galapagos, guests will enjoy the magnificent geology, terrestrial beauty and the numerous inhabitants of the spectacular alcoves! Your Naturalist Guide will explain and help spot a number of features worth checking out!

Panga ride in the Galapagos islands

Get from island to island in a panga ride!